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Woman eating delicious and fresh sushi

Sushiato: Where Creativity Meets Flavor

Weston's and Parkland's Neighborhood Creator

Sushiato isn't just a restaurant; it's a culinary canvas where bold flavors come alive. We're a passionate team driven by the desire to create unforgettable dining experiences for our Weston, Parkland, and now Fort Lauderdale neighbors. With our new Fort Lauderdale location, available for delivery and pickup only, we're thrilled to bring you even closer to the tastes you love.

The Visionary Behind the Fusion

Sushiato wasn't born by chance. It's the culmination of Nino Ravicini's lifelong passion for food and his innovative approach to cuisine. Nino, a Venezuelan national with an industrial engineering background, spent over 16 years honing his culinary skills and perfecting the art of fusion. Today, his vision translates into a thriving restaurant concept where fresh, local ingredients meet vibrant Latin influences. Our menu is a testament to Nino's creativity, featuring classic sushi favorites alongside unexpected twists and flavor combinations.

Tom-su Special Roll

More Than Just Sushi

While sushi is at our core, Sushiato offers a diverse culinary adventure. Explore our delectable nigiri, sashimi, and signature rolls, each crafted with the freshest seafood and presented with artistic flair. But the journey doesn't stop there. We invite you to savor our innovative Latin-inspired dishes, where bold spices and unexpected ingredients create a symphony of taste.

Guava Roll

A Community Hub

At Sushiato, we believe dining is more than just a meal; it's a shared experience. We've created a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes families, couples, and friends to gather, connect, and celebrate. Whether you're enjoying a lively weekend dinner or a relaxed weeknight meal, Sushiato is your haven for delicious food, warm hospitality, and a touch of artistic expression.

Join the Sushiato Family 

We're passionate about sharing our love for food and creating lasting memories for our guests. Come discover why Sushiato is Weston's and Parkland's favorite sushi spot and your neighborhood creator of extraordinary culinary experiences.  Visit us today and embark on a flavor adventure you won't forget!

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