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Sushiato Culinary creations available in our menu


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Daily Menu

Embark on a culinary adventure with Sushiato's innovative Latin fusion cuisine!
Fresh Flavors, Local Inspiration: Our menu features some location-specific dishes that celebrate the unique flavors of each Sushiato.

Special of the Month

Bonfire Roll 🌶 image

Bonfire Roll 🌶

A spicy fusion of shrimp tempura, scallions, avocado, cream cheese & sweet chili sauce with salmon, garlic chili mayo, togarashi & microgreens on top.




Tantalizing bites to start your Sushiato adventure!

Avocado Tartare image

Avocado Tartare

Avocado, scallions, sesame seeds & pickled red onion with fried shallots & ponzu sauce on top


★ Crispy Nigiri image

★ Crispy Nigiri

Deep-fried rice with soy ginger shredded tuna & crab with sweet ají amarillo sauce and avocado & tobiko on top.


Edamame image


Steamed soybeans with a selection of sea salt, togarashi (spicy) or truffle oil.


Gyozas image


Pork or vegetables dumplings (fried or steamed)


Koko Roll image

Koko Roll

Deep-fried salmon, avocado & cream cheese with tartar sauce & eel sauce on top.


Nigiri Shake image

Nigiri Shake

Rice balls & crunchy flakes rolled in salmon with almonds & walnuts, tartar sauce & eel sauce on top.


Shrimp Pops image

Shrimp Pops

Deep-fried shrimp tempura with yuzu sauce (honey or spicy), sesame seeds & scallions on top.


Shumai (Shrimp) image

Shumai (Shrimp)

Shrimp dumplings (fried or steamed)


★ Sushi Pizza image

★ Sushi Pizza

Shredded tuna,
 avocado, krab, tobiko, cilantro & black sesame seeds over deep-fried rice with spicy mayo & eel sauce on top.


Tartare Temptation image

Tartare Temptation

Your selection of tuna, salmon or mix with avocado, sesame oil, spicy mayo, tobiko, scallions & sesame seeds with fried shallots & ponzu sauce on top.


Tropical Tuna image

Tropical Tuna

Kimchee mayo tuna over twice-fried green plantain with scallions, lemon zest & eel sauce on top.


★ Tuna Mango Twist image

★ Tuna Mango Twist

Krab paste, chorizo cream cheese & crunchy flakes wrapped in tuna with mango cream cheese, tobiko & guava sauce on top.


Bao Buns (2 Buns)

Pork Belly Bun image

Pork Belly Bun

Pork belly, spring mix, Japanese mayo and hoisin sauce.


Fried Chicken Bun image

Fried Chicken Bun

Golden crispy chicken, turnip pickles & smoked honey mustard.


Shrimp Bun image

Shrimp Bun

Shrimp tempura, scallions, house pickles & sweet sesame aioli.



Light & refreshing! Crisp greens, seasonal ingredients, and delicious dressings.

Sushiato Salad image

Sushiato Salad

Krab salad, spicy mayo, tobiko, sesame seeds, scallions & crunchy flakes with eel sauce on top.


Neptuno Salad image

Neptuno Salad

Seaweed salad with salmon, tuna, krab, avocado & wafu vinaigrette.


Green Ginger Salad image

Green Ginger Salad

Green salad with Ginger sauce.


Wakame Salad image

Wakame Salad

Seaweed salad.


Soups & Ramen

Warm your soul or embark on a noodle adventure! Choose from classic options or explore bolder creations, all featuring high-quality ingredients for a satisfying start to your meal.

Miso Soup image

Miso Soup

Soybean with tofu, dried seaweed & scallions.


Kaizo Soup image

Kaizo Soup

Shrimp, krab, udon & vegetables in miso soup.


Sushiato Tonkotsu Ramen image

Sushiato Tonkotsu Ramen

Pork broth, thin noodles, chashu pork, marinated soft boiled egg, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, scallions and nori.



Fresh seafood, citrusy magic! Peruvian flavors in every bite.

Samba Ceviche image

Samba Ceviche

Grouper, mango, avocado, Peruvian corn and fried tostones with leche de tigre passion fruit, pickled red onions and fried sweet potato threads on top.


Classic Ceviche image

Classic Ceviche

Grouper, red onion, cilantro, cancha, plantain chips & kimchee leche de tigre sauce.


Sushiato Mix Ceviche image

Sushiato Mix Ceviche

Grouper, steamed shrimp & octopus with cilant2ro, red onion & ceviche sauce.



Lightly marinated, artfully presented. A Nikkei delight!

★ Hamachi Jalapeño Tiradito image

★ Hamachi Jalapeño Tiradito

Usuzukuri of yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro & jalapeño leche de tigre.


Octopus Tiradito image

Octopus Tiradito

Usuzukuri of octopus with avocado, red onion & yellow leche de tigre.


Tuna Tataki image

Tuna Tataki

Usuzukuri of torched tuna with sesame seeds, scallions, ponzu truffle sauce and teriyaki.


Sake Yuzu Tiradito image

Sake Yuzu Tiradito

Usuzukuri of salmon with torched avocado, red onion & yuzu leche de tigre.


★ Trio Marino image

★ Trio Marino

Tiradito (thin slices) of hamachi, tuna and octopus with ají amarillo emulsion vinaigrette dressing, red onion, sesame seeds and cilantro on top.


Poke Bowls

Experience the vibrant flavors of poke with our signature bowls! Each creation features a unique combination of fresh ingredients, from savory proteins and crisp vegetables to flavorful sauces and delightful textures.

Superman image


Rice, avocado, mango, sweet corn, kimchee tuna, pickled red onion & yucca chips.


Chirashi Bowl image

Chirashi Bowl

Rice with our Chef’s choice of assorted fresh fish & tobiko.


Sushiato Poke Bowl image

Sushiato Poke Bowl

Seared salmon with sesame seeds, fried plantain, dry roasted edamame, avocado & cucumber over white rice & red quinoa with ginger dressing.



Experience the art of sushi. The freshest fish atop warm rice.

Nigiri Octopus Olivo (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Octopus Olivo (2 pieces)

Octopus nigiri with olivo sauce.


Nigiri Anticuchero (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Anticuchero (2 pieces)

Steak nigiri with fried sweet potato, yellow emulsion, anticuchero sauce & cancha.


Nigiri Tuna Miso (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Tuna Miso (2 pieces)

Tuna nigiri with miso sauce and seaweed salad.


Nigiri Corvina Acevichado (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Corvina Acevichado (2 pieces)

Grouper nigiri with acevichada sauce, sweet plantain puree & microgreens.


Nigiri Salmon Teriyaki (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Salmon Teriyaki (2 pieces)

Salmon nigiri with lime slices, tobiko and teriyaki sauce.


Nigiri Moriawase (5 pieces) image

Nigiri Moriawase (5 pieces)

Our Chef’s choice of assorted nigiri selection.


Nigiri Hamachi Jalapeño (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Hamachi Jalapeño (2 pieces)

Yellowtail with jalapeño slices and microgreens.


Nigiri Unagi (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Unagi (2 pieces)

Eel with eel sauce.


Nigiri Escolar (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Escolar (2 pieces)

Butterfish with lemon zest & tobiko –torched-


Nigiri Kanpachi Yuzu (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Kanpachi Yuzu (2 pieces)

Amberjack with yuzu mayo & microgreens.


Nigiri Wahoo Wasabi (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Wahoo Wasabi (2 pieces)

Ono with yuzu marmalade, wasabi tobiko & togarashi –torched-


Nigiri Shime Saba (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Shime Saba (2 pieces)

Mackerel with fresh ginger & scallions.


Nigiri Ikura (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Ikura (2 pieces)

Gunkan salmon caviar.


Nigiri Ebi (2 pieces) image

Nigiri Ebi (2 pieces)

Steamed shrimp with ikura & black sesame seed.


Nigiri Amaebi ( 1 piece) image

Nigiri Amaebi ( 1 piece)

Sweet shrimp with tobiko & fried head.


Nigiri Hokkaido (1 piece) image

Nigiri Hokkaido (1 piece)

Scallop with lime, sea salt & sriracha.


Nigiri Hokkaido Foie Grass (1 piece) image

Nigiri Hokkaido Foie Grass (1 piece)

Scallop with lime, sea salt & foie gras –torched.


Nigiri Chu-Toro (1 piece) image

Nigiri Chu-Toro (1 piece)

Fatty tuna with scallions & tobiko.


Nigiri Chu-Toro Foie Gras (1 piece) image

Nigiri Chu-Toro Foie Gras (1 piece)

Fatty tuna with foie gras –torched-



A Feast for the Eyes & Palate! Experience the beauty and taste of premium sashimi curated by our Chef’s

Sashimi Moriawase 3 pieces


Sashimi Moriawase 6 pieces


Sashimi Moriawase 9 pieces


Sashimi Moriawase 12 pieces


Temaki (Hand Roll)


Fresh ingredients, expertly rolled. Classic flavors to satisfy your sushi cravings.

Salmon Hosomaki


Tuna Hosomaki


Avocado Hosomaki


Cucumber Hosomaki


Krab Hosomaki


Chef's Signature Maki

Temanegi Maki (10 PIECES) image

Temanegi Maki (10 PIECES)

Fried tofu, scallions, cucumber and avocado with sweet onion and lemon zest on top.


Acevichado Maki (10 PIECES) image

Acevichado Maki (10 PIECES)

Grouper, red onion & celery with sweet plantain puree & acevichada sauce on top.


Maguro Miso Maki (10 PIECES) image

Maguro Miso Maki (10 PIECES)

Avocado, cucumber & scallions with tuna & guindará sauce on top.


Sake Maki (10 PIECES) image

Sake Maki (10 PIECES)

Ebi furai, avocado & scallions with salmon, lime slices & teriyaki sauce on top.


Classic Rolls

California Roll (10 PIECES) image

California Roll (10 PIECES)

Krab, avocado & cucumber.


Alaska Roll (10 PIECES) image

Alaska Roll (10 PIECES)

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese.


Shrimp Tempura Roll (10 PIECES) image

Shrimp Tempura Roll (10 PIECES)

Shrimp tempura & cream cheese.


Spicy Tuna Roll (10 PIECES) image

Spicy Tuna Roll (10 PIECES)

Spicy Tuna.


Eel Roll (10 PIECES) image

Eel Roll (10 PIECES)

Eel & scallions with avocado & eel sauce on top.


Rainbow Roll (10 PIECES) image

Rainbow Roll (10 PIECES)

Krab & avocado with tuna, white fish, salmon & avocado on top.


Classic Dragon Roll (10 PIECES) image

Classic Dragon Roll (10 PIECES)

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, scallions & spicy mayo with avocado & eel sauce on top.


Hamachi Jalapeño Roll (10 PIECES) image

Hamachi Jalapeño Roll (10 PIECES)

Yellowtail, cucumber, scallions & fried red quinoa with jalapeño on top & ponzu sauce on the side.


Escolar Roll (10 PIECES) image

Escolar Roll (10 PIECES)

Avocado, cucumber, mango and scallions with escolar on top and sweet chili jam.



Special Rolls

Where innovation meets flavor! Explore our unique creations featuring bold combinations and unexpected delights.

Anniversary Roll (10 PIECES) image

Anniversary Roll (10 PIECES)

Shrimp tempura, fried plantain, celery and scallions with octopus steamed shrimp passion fruit ceviche mix, olivo sauce and fried red quinoa.


Ceviche Roll (10 PIECES) image

Ceviche Roll (10 PIECES)

Fried calamari, shrimp tempura & salmon tempura with avocado, steamed shrimp & ceviche sauce on top.


Crazy Ebi Roll (10 PIECES) image

Crazy Ebi Roll (10 PIECES)

Fried plantain, avocado and scallions wrapped in soybean paper with 2 toppings: honey yuzu shrimp tempura and spicy steamed shrimp.


Daisuki Roll (10 PIECES) image

Daisuki Roll (10 PIECES)

Spicy krab salad, avocado, cucumber, fried plantain, cream cheese, crispy rice & scallions wrapped in salmon, tuna & soybean paper with spicy mayo on top & ponzu sauce on the side.


Deluxe (10 PIECES) image

Deluxe (10 PIECES)

Krab salad, avocado & asparagus wrapped in tuna or salmon with onion dressing on top (riceless).


Dracula Roll (10 PIECES) image

Dracula Roll (10 PIECES)

Tuna, avocado & crunchy flakes wrapped in soybean paper with masago seared salmon, sea salt on top & Hibiscus sauce on the side.


Gluten free
Falcon Roll (10 PIECES) image

Falcon Roll (10 PIECES)

Salmon, shrimp tempura & cream cheese with Poseidon Salad (wakame & krab mix), crunchy flakes, spicy mayo & eel sauce on top.


Gerstl Roll (10 PIECES) image

Gerstl Roll (10 PIECES)

Steamed shrimp, cucumber, crunchy rice and wasabi mayo wrapped in salmon with avocado & tobiko on top with ponzu sauce on the side.
Inspired by Venezuelan Artist. His name is Juan Gerstl and his work is featured in all Sushiato's Locations